Where? Nigeria is located in western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea


Who Can Adopt

  • At least one, usually both adoptive parents need to be dual Nigerian-American citizens to adopt from all but Lagos State. Nigerians adopting from their native country can adopt family members or children legally available for adoption from orphanages through the Nigerian State Adoption Authority. Before issuing a U.S. visa to the child, he/she must meet orphan status under U.S. law. Abandonment of a child in Nigeria is often poorly documented and may require a full investigation by the U.S. Consulate to confirm the abandonment.

  • Individuals, or one parent from a married couple, must be at least 25 years old, and at least 21 years older than the child.

  • Heterosexual married couples adopting jointly, or Individuals adopting same sex child (opposite sex adoptions allowed only in extraordinary circumstances.)

  • Prospective adoptive parents must have physical and temporary legal custody of the adoptive child for at least three consecutive months immediately prior to petitioning the court for an adoption decree. Applicants cannot have the child reside with another family member; the child must live with the applicant, even if a Power of Attorney is in effect.

  • There is no specific minimum residence requirement to be eligible to adopt in Nigeria. However, prospective parents may be rquired to stay in Nigeria for a minimum of a few months to two years to bond with the child before petitioning the court to adopt. Each state determines the length of time for the required bonding period.


Children Available

  • Children available to the USA are ages newborn–16.

  • Special needs children and sibling groups, newborn–17.


Waiting Time for a Referral

Time frames for international adoption are never certain, and may vary



  • Once referred, must travel within 2 months.

  • 1st trip 7 days—sign documents initiate process.

  • Couple returns home. 30 days for approval and court.  

  • 2nd trip 7–10 days—passport (3 days),
    Medical check-up by Embassy physician (2 days), USA Visa (2 days) 


Program Fees

Intake fee:  $250

Program fee:  $4,500 – due on completion of Home-study

In-country expenses (travel/food/lodging):  vary

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