Home-study and Post-adoption Services


We service all of Florida. We are licensed throughout the State of Florida and have social workers available regardless of location. We are licensed by the Department of Children and Families.


A home-study is a document written to present the adoptive family to the adoption source i.e., foreign country. The home study discusses the prospective family's childhood, marriage, lifestyle, health, finances, home, and community. It is typically 10–12 pages long and takes up to 8–10 weeks to develop. We are able to write domestic and international (Hague-approved) home-studies.

Fees:  $250 Intake/technology fee plus $1,450 Home-study fee    


Post-adoption visits are accomplished according to established state/country laws.

Joshua Tree Adoptions charges $250 per visit.

Information Disclosure

We are happy to provide you on request, the number of adoption placements per calendar year, if we have any disruptions or dissolutions, the number of inquiries per year, and any known or waiting children.

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