Where? Bulgaria is in Eastern Europe.


Who Can Adopt

  • Heterosexual married couples.

  • Must be at 19–50 years old, and at least 15 years older than the child.

  • No minimum length to marriage.


Children Available

  • Children available to the USA are ages 3–12.

  • Children are of Roma or Turkish ethnicity.

  • Special needs children and sibling groups, ages 2–17.


Waiting Time for a Referral

Time frames for international adoption are never certain. We have seen a significant
slow down with referrals. The time frames listed are based on typical experience of
dossier to referral time:

  • Children ages 3–5: 3 years.

  • Children ages 6–12: 7–9 months.

  • Special needs and sibling groups—no wait.



  • Once referred, must travel within 2 months.

  • 1st trip 7 days—sign documents initiate process.

  • Couple returns home. 30 days for approval and court.  

  • 2nd trip 7–10 days—Bulgarian passport (3 days),
    Medical check-up by Embassy physician (2 days), USA Visa (2 days) 


Program Fees

Intake fee:  $250

Program fee:  $15,000 – 50% with dossier/50% with referral 

In-country expenses (travel/food/lodging):  vary

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