"Our hearts
are for
the children."

Jacqueline Lorento, RN, MBA~ Executive Director

Joshua Tree Ministries is a humanitarian organization that was formerly Joshua Tree Adoptions.  Joshua Tree Adoptions stopped working in adoptions in January 2020. Since that time, Joshua Tree Ministries has gained momentum. 

Adoption has been the passion of Jacqueline Lorento,  the Executive Director ,for as long as she can remember. It is very rewarding to find stable, loving families for orphans. But along the way she noticed that there were orphans that never were adopted that needed love, hope and compassion as well. Each time she would travel overseas, she would bring suitcases and suitcases of toys, clothes, vitamins, medical supplies along with shoes and clothes. 

In addition, she would buy rice, beans and fresh fruit for the orphanages. It is so joyful to see the children happy, fed, and playing with the toys and bubbles. 

It is Mrs. Lorento's desire to build on this method of compassion. Joshua Tree Ministries is expanding to include more fundraising so that more supplies can be distributed. 

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