"Our hearts
are for
the children."

Jacqueline M. Lorento—Executive Director

Family Tree Adoptions, Inc. is a new corporation formed  in May 2020. However, the senior management have been doing this work since 2002. Jacqueline Lorento started Joshua Tree Adoptions in 2002. For 18 years, Joshua Tree Adoptions placed children from around the world with loving families. In 2020, the accrediting entity cancelled Joshua Tree Adoptions for partial compliance of the Hague Standards. The new accrediting entity had a vastly different interpretation of the standards than their predecessor. This entity would not allow Joshua Tree to provide a corrective action plan, and chose to cancel a reputable, successful, agency. Mrs. Lorento chose to identify with a new corporation and start over. The plan is to apply for accreditation and continue with the agency mission and her life's passion-finding a family for each lonesome child. 


© 2020 

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