Joshua Tree Adoptions' vision is to find a family for each child—who will love them, teach them about God, educate them, and provide a safe and secure environment for them to thrive.
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April 7, 2020-- We have submitted our rebuttal to IAAME on 3/16/2020, they say they will provide a response by 4/27/2020. Our attorney wrote an excellent brief on how we were denied 'due process'. 
March 2, 2020—IAAME chose to cancel Joshua Tree Adoptions' Hague accreditation after 12 years. They decided without our ability to clarify the documents, or answer questions they might have. We can refute the claim but have only 10 days to do so. We are very sorry for the decision that IAAME has made. They are overreaching and micromanaging and are hurting families and children. 
January 22, 2020—Joshua Tree Adoptions was notified by IAAME that their agency accreditation was suspended. A client complained to the Hague Registry regarding a refund of an adoption the client stopped in November 2018. IAAME performed a site visit December 2019. We are actively updating policies & procedures and have submitted documents to IAAME. To date they have almost 800 pages of evidence and documentation. We continue to fight. The children are worth it!  Joshua Tree Adoptions placed 100 children in 2019.

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